Orange sticky buns

In food on May 15, 2009 at 11:27 am


Orange you hungry?

Orange you hungry?

Say “Good Morning!” to these zesty orange sticky buns. They are a refreshing, sweet and slightly messy way to start your weekend off right.

The dough is based on that of yeast rolls, so those of you familiar with it know that these take a little longer than, say, making pancakes…but, prepare them the night before and you won’t have to worry about getting up early.

To start your orange-flavored dough, combine 2 tbsp of orange zest with 2 cups of sugar—set aside. Next, dissolve one packet of dry active yeast into a ¼ cup of very warm water. Add the sugar to the yeast and then beat in two eggs, a ½ cup of sour cream and a pinch of salt.

When that mixture is combined, gradually stir in 2 cups of flour to create a doughy texture. When the dough has thickened, pour it out onto a floured surface and kneed in about ½ cup more flour, and set it in a well-greased, covered bowl and let it rise for 2 hours.

When the dough has risen, remove it from the bowl and, again, place it on a floured surface. This is where you start making the buns. Punch the dough down so it is flatter and easier to handle, and split it into equal halves. Roll out each halve into a 12 inch circle and brush with melted butter. Sprinkle the dough circles with sugar, and then slice them (like a pizza) into 8 or 12 triangular pieces, depending on how large you want your buns to be (no pun intended!).

Now all that’s left to do is roll up your dough triangles and let them rise for another hour in covered, greased baking pans. After about an hour of rising, pop them in the oven at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until they begin to brown a bit. The piece de resistance for this recipe is the orange glaze, so while your buns are in the oven, combine sugar, fresh o.j., sour cream and butter in a sauce pan and let it all boil for three minutes—stirring constantly to avoid burning. Spoon this glaze over the warm, freshly baked orange buns and you’ll make everyone’s morning…no matter what side of the bed they woke up on!

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