“I’ll bring the guac.”

In Events, food on April 29, 2009 at 7:47 pm
Fiesta for four

Fiesta for four

What do you do when your dinner guest insists on bringing his single specialty?  You create your menu around it.

Inspired by the adamant appetizer: guacamole; we went to work on a fiesta for four.

With the dicing of jalapenos we added our salsa (see archives: A Lesson in Salsa) to the appetizer list. Next, a spice-encrusted Asian basa with a mango puree, paired with sautéed plantains, and lime & cilantro infused rice made its way to the table. We finished the meal with a large slice of margarita cheesecake – a perfect ending (at least in our humble opinions).

While we’ll give you details on the cheesecake later, we’d like to share the secret to our sautéed plantains – orange juice and brown sugar. A little goes a long way in terms of the OJ and sugar, but with a little heat these cousins of the banana become a savory side. Cook until easily speared with a fork, serve warm and enjoy.

So next time your guests want to add their signature to the meal, go for it. It gave us the excuse to try some new recipes and taste the creations of others.

Until next time…Adios!



***Special thanks to Jessica for her kitchen skills, recipes, and friendship.


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