Blueberry Braised Beef

In food on April 20, 2009 at 9:29 pm


Inspired by Acqua al 2

Inspired by Acqua al 2

Wishing for the days we spent strolling the Ponte Vecchio, this evening’s dinner was a feeble attempt to bring back the months spent studying in Florence, Italy.  Inspired by the signature dish of Acqua al 2 (, blueberry steak, we cooked with longing for a seat in the elegant Tuscan restaurant. 

To create a blueberry mixture for braising, we combined frozen blueberries, chopped onion, molasses, red wine vinegar, ketchup, Dijon, and cracked red pepper.  Next, we focused on our beef short ribs, sprinkling both sides with salt and pepper before adding to a hot pan layered with melted butter and olive oil.  The meat was cooked until browned on both sides, and placed in a deep, square baking pan.  The blueberry mixture was poured over top and evenly distributed throughout.  Wrapped tightly in tin foil, the pan went into a 300 degree oven for 1 hour, however our beef was cut quite thin and time will need to be adjusted for the thickness of your meat. 

Once removed from the oven, the beef was set aside, and two cups of the blueberry mixture were puréed.  To finish, we spooned the purée over the beef and garnished with the remaining whole berries from the mixture. 

 While this dish doesn’t take us back to Michelangelo’s David, it does take us one step closer to a land filled with brilliant art, rich history, and extraordinary food.

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