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In Events, food on April 11, 2009 at 9:45 pm
Chilled Cucumber Salad

Chilled Cucumber Salad

While looking for the perfect side to our Easter ham, we wanted something fresh and full of flavor. Our answer: a cool cucumber salad.

Simply cut and seed three fresh cucumbers, halve a handful of grape tomatoes and set aside. Bring water, red wine vinegar, sugar and a dash of salt to a boil then pour over veggies until they’re fully immersed in the marinade.

Now the last hint of flavor, and our personal favorite, is delivered with the sprinkle of dry dill weed. Make sure to combine veggies, marinade, and dill thoroughly, then immediately place in the fridge to chill and marinate for several hours before serving.

So as the spring sun splits through the clouds, keep your table fresh and crisp with this flavorful and unexpected salad. It’s added texture, color, and taste to our Easter spread – now let it do the same for yours.

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    I highly recommend it

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