Baked eggs: the lost cooking method

In Events, food on April 10, 2009 at 12:48 pm
Did you say apples and eggs?!

Did you say apples and eggs?!

Scrambled, fried, and the omnipresent poached—eggs in any form have the ability to go from an elegant brunch to a comforting supper in a snap.

However, we think one preparation is very much neglected: baked eggs. Perhaps people think it is too complicated, but really, it’s a cinch.

So today we threw our fears to the wind and subjected ourselves to the trial-and-error gods.

Cheese and apples go together elsewhere—why not try them with a staple like eggs?

By adding a diced Gala apple, Camembert cheese, a dash of whole milk, and eggs to a baking dish, 25 minutes later you will be left with a light in texture yet satisfyingly rich, one-dish spectacle. The surprise is in the pop of sweet taste from the apple.

Now that we’ve told you our test kitchen try, what are some of your unique egg combinations?

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