An apple a day…

In food on March 27, 2009 at 12:08 am
She's blushing!

She's blushing!

Today we bring you the Pink Lady. Often overshadowed by the old standbys Granny Smith and Red Delicious, we thought we’d give this gal her 15 minutes of fame.

In addition to being full of fiber, this delicious fruit also boasts a healthful dose of Vitamin C–and at only 100 calories per medium apple, you can think of this as natural portion control.

Pink Lady apples have the perfect crisp texture (not a mealy bite to be found) and their flavor is just sweet enough, but won’t make you pucker.

So, snack on one of these to keep your body fueled through the afternoon slump and we’re sure it’ll become the apple of your eye.

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  1. Its hard to say this without sounding condescending but I do want to compliment you guys on your excellent and very witty writing. It is truly a talent to turn a phrase like you do!

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