A Mediterranean masterpiece

In food on March 24, 2009 at 10:37 pm
Row, row, row your boat...

Row, row, row your boat...

As we looked ahead toward the rest of the week we saw an abundance of rain heading our way. So, to help us survive the approaching deluge we made ourselves some boats…out of zucchini.

Zucchini ripieni, a traditional Italian dish, is a great way to upgrade this everyday vegetable. To begin, we trimmed and cut our zucchini lengthwise, hollowed out the halves into “boats” and set them aside to stuff later. Next, we cooked the ground lamb with garlic, onion, and the previously-peeled zucchini flesh. Add classic tomato sauce and basil and the lamb filling is done. All that’s left to do now is stuff the zucchini boats, sprinkle them with breadcrumbs and pop them in the oven–15 minutes later you will be rewarded with a hearty dinner.

As a complement to your ripieni, we suggest pairing this dish with a medium-bodied Chianti to cut the richness of the lamb, and adding orzo as a side to make this meal complete.

Now, if you aren’t a fan of lamb, don’t fret. You can make this dish with any type of meat you prefer–just remember to adjust the spices accordingly.

Buon Appetito!

Until next time,



Your tastebuds will set sail...

Your taste buds will set sail...


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