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In Events, food on March 6, 2009 at 6:56 pm
Peanut drizzle

Peanut drizzle


The Candy Man can...

Champagne sundae

Champagne sundae

Isn’t that what they always taught us in elementary school?

Well, there’s nothing like a recession to teach you to be resourceful!

Our Bistro brownie bites made another appearance at M’s Willy Wonka get-together, this time in the form of a sundae.

With tons of guests and a hefty supply of sweet treats, we thought we could add a little class to the party with our champagne sundaes.

Brownie bite bits, homemade peanut drizzle and toppings galore gave everyone the pick-me-up they needed to hit the town at midnight and celebrate the big 22!

Another dessert down, a new sauce found; we’re on our way to spring break with our minds on new spreads.

Until next time,

Go to hell Duke!




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