“Violet’s turning violet!”

In food on March 4, 2009 at 8:08 pm
pass the purple potatoes...

Pass the purple potatoes, please...


We think so.

We saw these purple sweet potatoes (also known as Okinawan potatoes) at the local market and couldn’t resist.

While they taste fairly similar to their orange cousin, it’s their extra antioxidants that give them their violet hue.  At first slice, the color favors fuchsia, but after baking they turn a deeper shade.

If you prefer your sweet potatoes in the form of a fry, as we do, you may be wondering: to dip or not to dip?

An easy sauce that’s the perfect companion is our basil mayonnaise, made with a hint of garlic and lemon juice (acidity) to cut the sweetness of the fries.

After making these purple sweet potatoes, we wonder…are these what inspired the color of Willy Wonka’s suit?

Until next time,



P.S. In anticipation of Sunday’s big game, here’s a little something extra for those Dukies to nibble on…


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